How Caring Right for Your Laptop Charger and Cable Cord Would Increase Their Longevity

Some Essential Tips for Caring Right for Your Laptop Charger and Cable Cord

A laptop charger and cable cord are no doubt one of the most essential items to have on hand these days. However, replacing it often can be an extremely expensive and painful process. For this reason, you need to ensure that you take proper care of these items so that they can last longer. That’s why we have come up with this comprehensive guide for you. Here, we will tell you some essential tips for taking care of your accessories so that you can get the most out of them. So, let’s get started!

A Bit About the Parts of a Laptop Charger

A laptop charge usually has two parts. These parts include a power cord and a transformer. For those of you who do not know what a transformer is, it is a brick that plays a major role in converting the current from the power outlet from AC to DC. Other than that, a power cord is a cable that helps in connecting the charger to the outlet.

The transformer can sometimes heat up with the passing of time. As a result, it can cause internal damage to your laptop chargers. Moreover, other parts of your charger can also wear and tear with time. This can lead to the exposure of the wires inside.

How to Care Right for Your Laptop Charger and Power Cord?

Caring right for your laptop charger and power cord is incredibly important to maintain their dignity.  That’s because it will help you ensure that you charge your laptop safely with the charger. For this reason, here are some essential tips for you to take care of the charger. Let’s check them out below.

1. Avoid Wrapping Your Power Cord Tightly

We understand how tempting it can be to wrap your laptop power cord in a tight pattern around the charger to keep it organized. However, what we don’t understand is that doing this can shorten the life of your laptop charger. That’s because this practice results in putting stress over the thin copper conductors that are present inside the power cords. Doing it continuously can even cause them to break. So, if you want to avoid it, you need to make sure that you loop the power cord of your laptop loosely. This will help prevent the crimping of the wires. Moreover, you can also try wrapping up the cord in a different way each time. This will help you avoid continuous stress over the same section of the charger and increase its life.

2. Start Using a Power Strip

While using a power strip can turn out to be extremely helpful, you must not use just any other power strip. Make sure that the power strip that you buy comes with a built-in surge protector. That’s because the built-in surge protector will offer the convenience that you need for charging your laptop. You can plug in multiple devices simply with one outlet.  In addition to this, a power strip that has a surge protector can also protect your laptop, smartphones, and other electronic devices from multiple power surges that can damage your devices.

3. Make Sure That the Transformer Has the Room to Breathe

We all are aware of the fact that the laptop’s transformer can get incredibly hot when you charge it. So, if you want to avoid this problem, you need to ensure that you place the transformer at the place where the airflow is abundant. For example, putting it wedged in a couch cushion is a complete no! It becomes even more dangerous when you know that you will be using the laptop for an extended period.

4. Keep Your Laptop Charger Away from Sharp Edges

Keeping your laptop charger away from the sharp edges is extremely important. That’s because when it comes in contact with sharp edges, the rubber protecting the charger can wear and tear. As a result, both the power cord and the laptop can get damaged. So, no matter whether you frequently move your charger from one place to another or have a charging hub that is designated, you need to ensure that the setup of delicate wires does not come in contact with the sharp edges.

5. Keep the Charger Away from the Water

It is a common fact that water and electronic devices do not mix! So, it becomes incredibly important to avoid situations where your charger can be exposed to the water. That’s because it will not only damage the charger but exposure to water can also cause electrocution. In addition to this, it can damage your laptop as well. So, this means that you must not charge your laptop at places that are near your bathroom or kitchen. However, in a situation where your laptop charger comes in contact with water, make sure that you disconnect it immediately from the outlet and move it away. Other than that, dry the charger thoroughly as well. Once you are sure that it is completely dry, then decide whether to use it again or not.

6. Try to Use Different Charger and Cords to Avoid their Overuse

When you will use different chargers and cords, you will always have a backup option when one breaks down. So, keeping two chargers in your possession is a lot more than being proactive. It will not only help you reduce the wear and tear of the charger, but will also improve its lifespan. You can also reserve a charger specifically for the time when you travel and leave the other at your home. This will also help you avoid the problems of stretching, wrapping, and frequent pulling of the cords.

Final Words

So, if you also want to increase the lifespan of your laptop charger and cable cord, make sure that you follow the tips mentioned above. These tips will not only increase the life of your accessories but will also save you from the constant trouble of replacing them. Need more information on laptop chargers? Contact us now and we will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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