How to Spot a Fake USB Wall Charger?

Some Useful Tips for Spotting a Fake USB Wall Charger

The majority of the chargers circulating in the market nowadays are counterfeit. The reason behind this is that they have not gone through the strict quality control process that original ones such as Apple, Samsung, and Sony do. Whether it is a USB wall charger, Micro USB, or USB C, each charger must go through the correct procedure in order to be safe for the users. Otherwise, we all are aware of the multiple incidents where these fake chargers cause a fire in the house, electric shocks, or battery explosions. So, how to know which chargers are fake and which are not? Keep reading to find out!

How to Identify a Fake USB Wall Charger?

There are many ways that can help you to identify a fake USB wall charger among the original ones. Some of them are mentioned below for you to check out.

1. Check the Markings and Text on the Plug

One of the most useful tips for identifying a fake wall charger is to check markings on the text and the plug. You must check the plug to notice if there is any CE certification mark on it or not. For those of you who do not know, it is the mark of the European Law that ensures that the product fulfills all the safety procedures and is completely safe to use. The majority of the fake chargers do not have adequate facilities that they can use to stamp these marks on the charger. Even if they are marked, you will notice that the mark will look faded or wonky. However, some marks are more sophisticated than others. So, beware of them.

2. Avoid Buying Cheap Chargers

While you do not completely need to rely on the official charger from the manufacturers, you must not go for cheap chargers. Even though some people might trick you into buying a cheap charger, but they are fake. So, they will not last long. Not only this, but they might also result in damaging the battery of your smartphone. In addition to this, you should also ensure that the charger you intend to buy is compatible with your smartphone. However, if you are unsure of which charger to buy for your smartphone, you must look at its packaging. This will help you by telling whether it is compatible with your device or not.

Moreover, another important thing to remember here is not to use the charger with a voltage too high or too low. That’s because it can greatly harm your device even if you might not realize it at first.

3. Plug Pin Finish

The plug pin finish is a more obvious sign of a fake USB wall charger. You will notice that the position of the connectors in a fake charger will be slightly off. Other than that, there is a huge chance that it will not fit the plastic casing properly. This indicates that the charger is not manufactured by a reputable manufacturer. In fact, it is a huge sign that indicates the involvement of poor workmanship. This is what makes these chargers so cheap as well. On the other hand, the plugs of the genuine charger will not only align properly but will also perfectly fit the casing. Additionally, there will be no flush fit or lose pins.

4. Check Out the Packaging and Instructions

Another way to spot a fake USB charger is by checking out the packaging and instructions on the charger. While this is an important tip, the majority of people completely overlook it. As a result, they end up with a fake charger. You must remember that the original charger will always come with packaging. Even if the fake charger comes with packaging, you must lookout for any odd designs on it. The text on the package of the charger should not be misaligned. Additionally, a genuine charger will not show any pixelated logo either. So, you should always look out for these signs.

5. Materials

One of the obvious reasons that the fake chargers go bang is because the manufacturers use cheap materials to construct plugs and cables. So, the cheap price indicates the fact that high-quality material is not used in their construction. The components at the head of the cable will be compromised. In addition to this, the soldering will also be missed. This might result in overloaded circuit boards or crossed wiring of the charger. Not only this, but the electric current will also overload in the absence of genuine components. As a result, the chances of short circuits, fire, overloaded battery, and electrical shock will increase.

6. Check the Weight

You can easily produce a fake USB wall charger for a few cents only. As a result, fraudsters can earn a lot of profit from them. But, this shoddy work means that all the standard components are not present in this charger. You will be surprised to know that some fake chargers do not even have a fuse inside them. So, in short, genuine chargers will feel a bit heavier than fake chargers. Therefore, make sure that you always check the weight of the product before buying it.

7. USB Port

The ports on a fake charger are one of the biggest giveaways of its reliability and authenticity. The majority of the fake chargers will either have loose or wonky USB ports. This will make the connection difficult for the users. So, make sure that you check the USB port before you buy a charger. If it does not feel genuine then do not buy it.

Final Words

Finding a genuine USB wall charger can definitely be an uphill struggle. That’s because there are so many fake chargers circulating in the market these days. We hope the above-mentioned tip will help you identify a fake charger so that you can steer clear of them. Looking for a genuine charger for your gadgets? Check out the collection by Nekmit then!

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