20W or 30W Charger: May the Best Charge Your iPhone Devices


How to Choose between the 20W or 30W charger?

If your iPhone does not have the fast charging feature, then you may be wondering whether it is safe to charge the device with a fast 30W charger or not? Or should you keep charging it with the 20W charger?

So, if these are some of your concerns, then you have come to the right place. Here, we will tell you which charger is suitable for your iPhone so that you can pick the best for your device. Excited? Let’s begin!

30W charger

What is a 30W Charger?

A 30W charger is a charging technology that allows the users to manage power delivery for either a higher level of current or for increasing the voltage that flows to the battery of the mobile devices.

However, you need to remember that this feature is available only in the latest models of iPhones. But, over time, you will see it spreading to other ranges available in the market as well. That’s because as the popularity of the 30W charger grows, so will be the detractors of this technology.

20W Charger vs. 30W Charger

We all know that a 30W charger for iPhone is much powerful than a 20W charger. As a result, the charger block with 30W will charge your iPhone a lot faster than a 20W will do.

Moreover, if you try to charge your 20W iPhone by plugging it into a 30W charger, it will give you the same speed that a 20W charger does. However, it will charge faster as compared to a 10W charger.

Advantages of Using a 30W Charger

The reason behind the popularity of the 30W charger is the many benefits it offers to the users. Want to know some of them? Keep reading then!

1.      Improves the Usability and Mobility of iPhones

One of the major benefits of a charger that offers 30W to the users is that it improves the usability and mobility of the latest iPhones. That’s because iPhones have sophisticated computing capabilities.

However, these high computing powers need high power requirements as well. As a result, these devices would not even last a day under moderate to heavy use. So, your iPhone would become essentially useless once the battery runs out of charge.

But, when you have a fast charger such as the one with 30W, you will be able to take your iPhone no matter where you go. When the phone runs out of charge, you can simply power it up with your fast charger. This increases the usability and mobility of your iPhone.

2.      Promotes the Usage of Batteries with Higher Capacities

Some of the iPhones have a higher battery capacity than other smartphones due to their large IPS display and exhaustive hardware specifications. While the manufacturers try to overcome this problem by including a higher capacity battery in the iPhones, this is not the ultimate solution.

That’s because these batteries might take more time to fully charge. Thus, it gets almost impractical for you to wait for them to reach their full capacity. However, when you have a fast charger such as a 30W charger, you can charge your iPhone as much as possible in a short time span. This is what makes it stand out among other chargers out there.

3.      Compact

A 30W charger is the perfect compact solution for your charging needs. There is no denying the fact that it can get extremely frustrating when you are out and your battery dies out.

You will be disconnected from the world as your mobile phone ties you to the rest of the world. However, keeping this compact fast charger with yourself can help you a great deal in times of crisis. Even though they are available in different designs, the majority of them are compact. This means that you can easily use them on the go. This is what makes them not only useful for traveling but for use at home as well.

4.      Versatile

Whether you want to charge a smartphone, tablet, iPad, music player, Bluetooth speakers, or anything else, you can charge it all with the 30W charger. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that these adapters are extremely versatile than the majority of the other chargers such as the 20W charger out there.

All you need is a USB cable to connect your smartphone and there is no limit to what you want to connect. Great, isn’t it?

5.      Portable

If your work demands a lot of traveling then a portable 30W charger is the perfect solution for you. That’s because it offers great portability to the users. Apart from being portable, you can use the adapter universally for all your devices. No matter whether you are at the home, office, or anywhere else, this adapter will be your true companion in times of need. What more do you want?

6.      Multiple USB Ports

Due to the multiple USB ports that a fast charger offers, you will no longer need to carry separate chargers for your different Apple devices. You can charge them all with a convenient fast charger.

That’s why they are extremely famous for traveling. They not only have multiple ports but they are quite compact as well. Due, to this reason, many renowned companies such as Nekmit are now indulged in their manufacturing.

So, if you also want to buy yourself these convenient chargers, you should definitely check out the collection that Nekmit has.

7.      PD Feature

The latest 30W chargers now offer PD features to the users. This means that they can now deliver more power to your device in a short period.

It lets your device charge up to 50% in half an hour which is extremely fast as compared to other standard chargers.

30W charger

Final Words

So, if your iPhone does not have the latest fast charging feature, it is high time that you switch to the iPhone that supports a 30W charger. You will be amazed to know how beneficial it is for your device. Looking for more information on these fast chargers? Contact us now and we will be happy to assist you!





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