Finding the Best Tri-plug Charger of 2021


Tri Plug Chargers

Do you ever look at plugs and prongs and wonder why they come in various different numbers? Or do you ever look at the multiple switchboards around your house and wonder why such stark contrast? Why some appliances come with a two-prong switch while others have three prongs? This primarily occurs due to the difference in standardization between the two different types of plugs.

For a long time, two-prong plugs were extensively used. However, lately, two-prong plugs have been increasingly considered dangerous. Two prong plugs are not grounded which means they are prone to short-circuiting. In fact, they are considered the least safe type of plugs. Tri-prong plugs on the other hand are considered extremely safe. They not only limit the amount of current that can flow to a device but can also prevent fire hazards and accidents by shutting off in case of electric surges.

This is why it is advocated and advised to switch to tri plug chargers for your appliances and gadgets. Most new appliances come with the tri plug feature.

Why use tri plug switches?

The tri plug switch is considered the safest plug system in the world.

The sturdy design ensures that the plug is intact in the socket. The fuse ensures that no excess electricity passes to your device preventing it from short circuit.

Unlike tri plug switches, two plug switches are no able to safely divert excess electricity to the ground. This in turn adversely affects your device. In fact, it also has the potential to turn into an electrical and fire hazard. This can be lethal in most cases.

In short, tri plug switches protect you from electric shock, electric fire and also protect your appliances from damage.

Switching to tri-plug chargers

Keeping in mind the grave hazards posed by dual plug chargers, it is better to steer clear of them. This is essential for your as well as your device’s safety.

USB chargers are all-encompassing chargers for charging all sorts of devices and appliances. Especially the newer generation of USB chargers is universally compatible. This means that the same charger is used for charging multiple appliances. You can charge your phone, laptop, camera, and tablet using the same devices.

Now, keeping in mind that all these devices are not just expensive but more prized possessions for their owners. Apart from that, these devices carry truckloads of precious data. Data is literally a goldmine for the owners. Nobody would want to risk their precious data and devices.

This is why it is important to switch to tri plug chargers. Tri plug chargers ensure that your device is safe from the hazards of electric current. It simultaneously also ensures that your environment is safe by diminishing the likelihood of short-circuiting. Basically, tri plug chargers offer an unmatched safety system. This is due to the fact that they prevent overheating and overcharging as well as excessive current flow.

The Best Tri Plug Chargers

Finding the right tri plug charge can be a hassle. More so because there are no guides to help you maneuver this tricky decision. Here is a guide on some of the best tri plug chargers presently available in the market.

Nekmit TriPlug 16W Flat Slim USB Wall Charger Dual Port

One of the best tri plug chargers available in the market. The 3-prong design of this charger ensures multi-protection. The tri plug prevents excessive current from flowing to the device on charge. It also prevents overheating and overcharging of the device. The tri plug design and slim body of the charger allow it to securely fit in the socket further eliminating the risk of electric and fire hazards.

Along with hazard protection, the design of this Nekmit charger is extremely aesthetic. It comes in three colors; red, black and white. It can fit into compact spaces and has a no-slip design. The dual-port charger allows you to simultaneously charge two devices. Priced at a nominal $19.99, it is extremely cost-effective.

Now, doesn’t this seem a great option?

Nekmit TriPlug 52W 4-Port PD Wall Charger

A tri plug charger with 4 ports? Yes, you got that right. The Nekmit Tri plug charger has standard USB ports as well as two C-type ports. Now that is a charger set to cater to all sorts of charging requirements. Charging four devices simultaneously at a considerably fast rate is quite literally a jaw-dropping feature. This is what we call the next generation of chargers. The smart IC feature auto synchronizes to the optimal charging speed according to the device requirement. The charger claims to save up to 1.5 hours by providing accelerated charging speeds.

The three prongs allow it to securely fit in the socket eliminating the risk of hazards.

This charger is quite literally the next generation of chargers. Investing in this one would definitely be a smart idea.

Nekmit TriPlug 61W USB-C Power Delivery Wall Charger

This Nekmit charger is definitely one of their most powerful chargers. The tri plug ensures a secure fit in the socket. The same tri plug prevents the charger from being unintentionally removed from the socket. This feature also imparts superior security dynamics. In short, it prevents devices from overheating, overcharging, and excessive current. This ensures the safety and security of devices and the environment. This three-prong approach along with the compact design allows fitting the charger in compact spaces. To further aid the compact fitting feature the USB ports are aligned downwards instead of outwards.

The powerful 61 W power output allows fully charging devices at an unmatched speed. Imagine getting your MacBook Pro charged in less than two hours. Amazing isn’t it?

Gizzu 2 X USB 3-Prong Wall Charger

This charge comes with universal compatibility which makes it a noteworthy addition to the list of tri plug chargers. The two USB ports allow charging devices directly from the wall charger. A power output of 5V and 2100mA make it an ideal charger in terms of safety. At the same time, it also allows charging at a considerably faster rate. The only downside is the nonaesthetic design features of the charger.


It is important to use three-prong chargers for your devices to ensure safety and protection. The latest chargers incorporate a three-prong design with superior features. This adds to the appeal of tri plug chargers. The safety features of tri plug chargers are adding heaps to their appeal. Most manufacturers are ditching the two plug charger and increasingly adapting to tri plug ones.


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