How Third Party iPhone 13 Pro Max Charger Makes Life Easy

 iPhone 13 Pro Max Charger
How Third Party iPhone 13 Pro Max Charger Makes Life Easy

Since the iPhone 12 series launch, Apple is no more offering charging adapters along with their phones. And we have no idea whether or not they will change this strategy in the future. If you are planning to purchase a new iPhone 13 Pro Max, keep in mind that you will get it without the charging adapter. There will only be a lightning cable along with the phone in the box. So, you will have to buy your iPhone 13 Pro MAX Charger separately. However, if you have an iPhone 11 or iPhone 12 charger it can work with your latest purchase. But, the charging procedure might be a little slower than expected.

Hence, what would you do? The answer is that you need to buy a new charger that can charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max in a reliable manner. You can purchase the official Apple charger compatible with the latest iPhone model. It will cost you around $19. But hold on, there are also a few third-party iPhone 13 series chargers available in the market.

Why You Should Invest in a Third-Party iPhone 13 Pro MAX Charger?

Apple sells its original 20W USB-C Power Adapter on its official online store for $19. It supports fast charging and you can use it with all USB Type-C enabled devices. For instance, you can pair it with other iPad Air, iPad Pro, etc. for efficient charging performance. However, you will have to purchase the charging cable separately. So, what is the point in buying a third-party iPhone 13 Pro MAX Charger when you have the official Apple charger available on their online store?

Here are the top reasons why investing in third-party iPhone 13 Pro MAX chargers can make your life easier:

1. Multiple Charging Ports

The official 20W USB-C Power Adapter comes with just one charging port. Today, we all have multiple devices at home and office, including AirPods, iPods, tablets, etc. Having separate chargers for all devices always feels like a big hassle. The third-party iPhone chargers, such as this 30W 3-Port USB-C Charger can help you charge multiple devices simultaneously. You can find an assortment of iPhone chargers in the market with dual and even triple charging ports.

Therefore, you can have just one power adapter for your multiple devices to charge them at the same time. Modern-day adapters with multiple charging ports offer quick charge via all ports, even when you are charging more than one device simultaneously.

2. Portable Designs

Most third-party power adapter suppliers like Nekmit focus on compact and portable adapter designs. This thing is especially important for people who travel a lot. You can easily find a third-party iPhone 13 Pro MAX Charger with a foldable plug. Remember that chargers with foldable plugs are space-saving and you can easily put them in your bag for traveling. Moreover, these chargers are also lightweight than the original Apple charger that they sell for iPhone users.

Therefore, the portability benefit is another perk that you can enjoy with third-party iPhone chargers. These chargers are available in various sizes and shapes. So, you can buy one easily from the market according to your requirements.

3. Universal Compatibility

Third-party charging adapters are not limited to only iPhone variants. Instead, you can also use them for many other devices, including tablets, laptops, and cell phones from other brands. The best thing about third-party smartphone chargers is that manufacturers keep in mind the universal compatibility when designing their charging adapters. Therefore, the third-party charger you buy for your iPhone 13 Pro Max will also be compatible with many other USB-A and USB-C devices.

4. Fast Charging

Fortunately, many third-party iPhone 13 Pro Max chargers come with fast charging support. Even some offer fast charging through multiple ports when charging multiple phones at the same time. Normally, a 20W charger will charge your iPhone to around 50% in just 30 minutes. So, you don’t have to wait longer than usual to fully charge your iPhone 13 Pro Max.

5. Top Quality

You will find out that many third-party iPhone chargers cost more than what Apple is charging for their 20W USB-C Power Adapter. There are multiple reasons why many third-party charging adapters are more expensive than Apple’s official charger. For instance, third-party chargers come with extra features, such as multiple ports and foldable plugs.
 iPhone 13 Pro Max Charger

Another reason is the top quality of these chargers. Most sellers, such as Nekmit, offer a 1-year limited warranty with their chargers. Therefore, you can invest in a third-party iPhone 13 Pro MAX Charger with the trust that it will work flawlessly in the long run.

Top iPhone 13 Pro MAX Chargers to buy in 2022

Now that you know how third-party iPhone chargers are making life easier for people, you should also know what chargers you should buy for your phone. Here are some of the most reliable third-party chargers that you can buy for your iPhone 13 Pro Max:

All the chargers we have listed above are compatible with iPhone 13 Pro Max and come with a 1-year limited warranty. Moreover, you can also charge other devices using these chargers. Some of the other devices that you can charge include, but are not limited to iPad Pro, MacBook, Galaxy, Pixel, laptops, etc. All these chargers are available in white color only and are of top quality.

Final Thoughts

Since Apple no more offer power adapters with their new line of iPhones, users must purchase one separately. Users can buy the official 20W iPhone 13 Pro MAX Charger on Apple’s store, but buying third-party chargers have its own perks. Third-party iPhone chargers offer convenience, portability, universal compatibility, and fast charging support, and are usually lightweight. The best part about third-party chargers is that they also come with multiple charging ports. Multiple ports mean that users can charge more than one device using the same charger to save a lot of time. Therefore, you can invest in a third-party charger, if you want to reap many additional benefits.

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