The 5 Best USB Wall Chargers 2021


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In today’s day and age, everything has become super fast-paced. Every day individuals have a long list of errands to run. Plenty of routine and mundane tasks also require a significant amount of time. In such a situation, who on planet earth has ample time on their hands especially to sit down and wait for hours and hours for their devices to recharge? The key here is to invest in a good-quality USB wall charger. Good quality chargers tend to power up your device at an accelerated rate.

Now, the question arises how to find good quality chargers? The market is swamped with various types of chargers from different brands. While there are plenty of known brands there are also plenty of brands that you have never heard of before. This is why merely choosing a charger for your devices can seem to be a pretty daunting task.

USB wall chargers are the mainstay of charging all devices owing to their multifunctional nature. Literally, every device you use requires to be charged through these USB wall chargers. This has further increased the usage and demand for USB wall chargers.

Now, if you aren’t a tech-savvy individual then something as minuscule as purchasing a charger can be a pretty tedious task. Here is the guide to help you navigate through the market and make sane purchase decisions for your charging requirements.

What Features Should You Look for in a USB Wall Charger?

The choice of a USB wall charger ultimately depends on what features you are looking for. Whether you want a USB charger or a USB C type charger, or you want a single port charger or a multiport one to charge all your devices at once, or whether you want a powerful charger instead of a portable one. It all comes down to personal preferences.

However, regardless of what charger fits your needs, there are a few prerequisites. A good quality USB wall charger charges quickly yet efficiently. It should also protect your phone from being overcharged. Along with that, it must be capable of preventing short-circuiting.

Investing in a third-party charger for your device can be a risky decision but choosing credible options eliminates the risk by a great degree. The key is to ensure that you choose a reliable manufacturer of the USB wall charger. One should also do significant market research before settling for an option. This will not only ensure a better battery life but also amplify the overall longevity of your devices. 

The 5 Best USB Chargers

Google USB C Charger

The Google USB C Charger is available both on Amazon and Google store. It is the same charger that comes with Google Pixel phones. This charger is compatible with all devices with a C-type charging port.

It has been proved that in less than an hour this charger reaches 70%. An additional hour is required to reach the 100% charging mark. This makes it a phenomenal option for all your charging needs. Not just that, 15 minutes of charging offers up to 7 hours of battery time.

If you are looking for something simple yet efficient for changing your phone, a small tablet, or your Kindle devices, this charger is your best bet.

Nekmit 90W 4 Port USB C PD 3.0 Wall Charger with GaN Tech

This charger by Nekmit is what we call the next generation of chargers owing to its impeccable features.

This charger is powered by the latest GaN technology. 90 W power supply is what makes it mighty. Not just that it comes with foldable prongs and it’s extremely handy and portable. Two ports of 60 W and 30 W respectively, render it capable of charging two laptops simultaneously. Now that’s amazing, isn’t it?

This super-fast charger can make Macbook Pro 13” reach the 100% mark in approximately two hours. Along with that, it has an extremely eye-pleasing design.

It is compatible with almost all devices including laptops, MacBooks, Android devices, and iPhones.

Amazon Basics One Port Charger

The Amazon Basics One Port Charger comes in a pack of two chargers with a one-year warranty from Amazon. It is a 12 W charger providing 2.4 amp power output. It has the potential to charge phones, tablets, cameras as well as other devices.

This charger is excellent in terms of energy efficiency and comes with an automatic switch-off feature. The charger turns off once the battery mark hits 100.

Due to its lightweight and portable design, it is the best charger if you are looking for a portable charger.

The only downside is that it does not come with a charging cable. The charging cable has to be purchased separately.

Nekmit Thin Flat 42W 4-Port Fast Wall Charger

This Nekmit USA charger has 4 charging ports which means that it simultaneously allows to charge up to 4 devices. It comes in a sleek, aesthetic design. This charger also comes with an 18W USB-C Power Delivery port along with three standard USB outputs which cater to all types of devices. It also auto-detects the device output to charge at a maximum speed.

It is an ideal charger if you are looking for a multiport charger that is also portable.

The best part about using this charger has to be the overheat, overcharge, and over-current protection mechanism.

Anker 30W 2 Port Fast Charger

Marketed as an iPhone 12 charger, this charger is also compatible with other Apple devices as well as Android devices with a C-type port. Universal compatibility is one of its key features. It comes with one C-type port and one USB port allowing to charge two devices simultaneously. Not just that the charging speed is also super fast. It is also compact and handy. The Anker PowerIQ feature allows to adjust charging speed accordingly and achieve the best possible speed.

This Anker charger comes with a 2-year warranty and excellent customer support service.  

Anker 30W 2 Port Fast Charger is multi-port, compact, super fast, and energy-efficient. This makes it an excellent choice for all your charging needs.


This is a simple guide for selecting and purchasing the right charger for your devices. It shall help you make the right decisions for your devices by choosing the right third-party chargers. The ones you choose ultimately depend on your personal preferences. However, a sturdy, energy-efficient, and short-circuit-proof charger is generally the kind of charger everyone is on the quest of.

USB Wall Chargers need to be handled extremely carefully due to the fact that they tend to heat up quickly. Hence it is always advised to use USB Wall Chargers in well-ventilated rooms. The power needs to be turned off at all times other than the charging duration. It must also be ensured that charger is correctly plugged in and plugged out.


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