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Multiport great help

It gave our family a great help. We never fight for the charging port again.

I really like it!

So far nothing seems to be out of the ordinary. Seems to charge my iPad Air, phone, bluetooth speaker, and watch without any problem.

Love how flat this is!

I needed a double plug for some electronics on my boys dresser. I wanted something slimmer to fit behind the furniture and this fits the bill! Great little find!

Compact size.

Like the compact size works great in a car 120v outlet. Does provide fast charging on the type c port only.

Flat and secure in outlet

It is flat to the wall with cables parallel to wall minimizing obstructions as well as having a grounding pin to be very secure while pluged in.

Perfect, not bulky!

Love this charger so far. Less footprint regarding most bulky wall chargers.
Sleek/slim design works!

Muy buen producto

No ocupa nada de espacio y para viajes es lo mejor que hay en el mercado

Slim and compact

The product was smaller than I thought it Would be. I have an older iPad, so charging it took a little bit longer but my new iPhone charge is really fast

Compact and slim I hate having all of those large 5V boxes

Having those little 5v Boxes is cumbersome and large. They don't fit right and come loose. When you have little kids just another way for them to get in trouble.


It is a "little" Pricey. If I could get it below $10 I'd buy 10 of them, and replace all of my power chargers.
But I am telling everyone. AND they are grounded as well. I like them,

Perfect for behind dresser with narrow space.

Love how narrow it is and openings on bottom. Allows furniture to be placed closer to the walljust what I was looking for.

Compact and secure

Excellent for kitchen counter. Subtle design solves clutter problem, especially with shorter 1-1.5 ft cables. Secure connection to socket (w grounding plug). Smaller than expected. Wish I had up-sized to the 3-port version w a USB-C port. Total power is limited (approx 16W shared) but reasonable. Paid $15.

great product!

great product this is my 8th one & have them all over the house. I have used them for over a year & zero issues


Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  This is exactly what I wanted: a flat usb plug. This is much more slightly than a plug that sticks out. Would look even better with some simple cable management on the user��s part!

Nice slime charger. Exactly what I was looking for.

Nice slime charger. Exactly what I was looking for.

Seriously small

Needed a compact charger to fit behind a bedside table. This does the trick, and is about as small and thin as you can get.

Nice and flat against the wall

I like that it isnt poking straight out from the outlet. I have a camera aimed out the front window and the dogs constantly knocked it of the socket with the standard iPhone power plug. With this plug facing down, the problem has been solved.

Perfect size

Absolutely love this plug. I needed a plus that was super thin to fit under my smart plug. Smart plugs are fairly big and take up most the space on an outlet. This plug fit under the smart plug so I didnt lose that one outlet. Super happy with this purchase. Best ever

Works quickly. Great for use behind furniture.

No issues with this product. Useful for plugs behind furniture. Nice flat profile. Can do two devices at once.

Low profile won't get knocked out of the wall!!

This is great because you can hide it behind furniture. And the flat profile means it won't easily wiggle itself free from the wall. Major bonuses! Would buy again in a heartbeat.

Great when it works

At first, the charger worked wonderful. However after a few weeks, the USB C port stopped working. Then one of the standard USB ports stopped working. The slim shape is great, but I really need more ports to work.

Saves space behind furniture.

It works as advertised. 2 ports. Cords exit down to save space. New style and old style ports.


Does not charge fast AT ALL

Saved my Firestick!

Literally saved me from having to forgo installing an Amazon fire stick in my room! I couldnt fit the cord i an outlet thats behind a dresser of mine, so I decided to order this. It fit perfectly and allowed me to keep the fire stick!

Form and function!

Your browser does not support HTML5 video.  Perfect charger for our kitchen island! Traditional charging blocks kept getting bumped into/knocked out, resulting in many stubbed toes. This sleek charger tucks perfectly under the the ledge of the countertop and can charge up to 4 devices simultaneously. Its fast, subtle, good looking and great value for the money. Highly recommend for any place where you need form and function

It works!

It's good item for the price and it does what it says. My lady and I are able to charge our devices at the same time. I would recommend this charging plug to other who want to charge multiple devices. It does fit better on a wall outlet than on an extension cord or surge protector since it will take up space horizontally.