Is It Safe to Use a Third-Party Acer Aspire Laptop Charger?

Your Ultimate Guide on Using a Third-Party Acer Aspire Laptop Charger

Are you having trouble with your current Acer Aspire laptop charger? If yes, then you must be in search of a third-party laptop charger. So, if you are not sure whether you should opt for a third-party laptop charger or not, then don’t worry. We have everything sorted out for you. Keep reading below to find out whether you should buy a third-party laptop charger or not.
Acer Aspire laptop charger

The Basics of a Laptop Charger

Before we start talking about whether you should opt for a third-party laptop charger or not, let’s first talk about the basics of a laptop charger. This will help you understand the entire article better. Laptop chargers function as an external power source that converts the electrical energy into the form that your laptop uses.

There are two different types of adapters that laptops use. One of them is known as the DC adapter and the other one is known as the AC adapter. Different models of laptops come with different and unique laptop chargers. However, sometimes, they stop working, and then you need a replacement for them. So, if you are also looking for a replacement charger for your Acer Aspire, then we have got your back.

Can You Use a Third-Party Acer Aspire Laptop Charger?

The answer to this question is both yes and no. Confused? If you are looking for a third-party laptop charger, then the wattage and the voltage of the charger that you intend to buy must meet the desired voltage of your laptop. Otherwise, the new third-party charger might do more harm than good.

Another important thing to remember here is that the connecting tip of the laptop chargers also varies from laptop to laptop. So, this means that if a third-party laptop charger has a tip similar to your laptop and it can also provide the desired voltage, then there is a possibility that the charger will work on your laptop. However, this does not happen with every other laptop. So, make sure that you check all the specifications of the charger before buying it. Otherwise, it can harm the battery of your laptop.

What are the Power Requirements of a Laptop?

Different laptops are created with different powers. For example, gaming laptops require more power than normal ones. Therefore, the chargers of these laptops will require high voltage. So, in this case, if you use a different laptop charger that does not provide the right voltage that your laptop requires, it can damage your device.

Currently, the latest USB Type-C chargers are becoming the primary source of charging laptops. That’s because these chargers are interchangeable. As a result, you can use them with any laptop you have.

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Do All Acer Aspire Laptops Use the Same Charger?

When it comes to the Acer Aspire laptops, all of them use a standard laptop charger. This means that a standard Acer Aspire laptop charger uses 45-230 watts and up to 18.5 voltage. If you look at the two-barrel sizes of these chargers, they will be electrically similar too. What’s more, the majority of these chargers use the Smart-Pin feature. Other than that, all of them use the SKUs connector which should otherwise be in EoL.

However, the only difference between the new and old Acer Aspire laptop chargers is that the newer ones use a more slender connector. As a result, the chassis of the chargers have now become thinner and smaller.

So, if you intend to buy a third-party Acer Aspire laptop, you must look at the voltage that it offers. If the chargers use the same voltage, this means that they are compatible with your laptop. However, if they do not offer the voltage that your laptop requires, it will prompt when you connect the laptop with a charger.
Acer Aspire laptop charger

Things to Remember When Buying a Third-Party Acer Aspire Charger

If you intend to buy a third-party Acer Aspire laptop charger, there are some important things you need to remember. Let’s take a look at them below.

1. Size

Even though the majority of laptop chargers are extremely convenient to carry around, this is also an important factor that you need to take into consideration while buying a third-party laptop charger. Generally, the chargers with higher capacity are sometimes bigger than the chargers with lower capacity. While this may not be an issue for some people, it can be a huge issue to some. That’s because the entire objective of buying a portable charger is choosing a charger that has a small size and the capacity to power up as many laptops as possible. So, make sure that you check the size of the charger before you buy it.

2. Durability

While there are hundreds of portable laptop chargers out there but only a few of them stand the test of usage and time. For this reason, the durability of the laptop charger should also be one of your top priorities. The type of material that the manufacturers use is extremely important. So, you must opt for a reputable company such as Nekmit that creates quality products and guarantee that you will have a reliable product. In search of a durable laptop charger? Check out the PD Fast Charger by Nekmit by Nekmit which is our favorite.

3. Input Current

Another factor to consider while buying an Acer Aspire laptop charger is how long it takes up to charge the laptop. For this purpose, you need to check the input current of the portable laptop charger. The majority of the chargers out there have a capacity between 0.8A and 1.5A. The higher current is typically available on the chargers with higher capacity.

Final Words

A Third-Party Acer Aspire laptop charger is not a bad deal to consider. All you need to do is make sure that the charger matches the power requirement of your laptop and you are good to go. Need more information on third-party chargers? Feel free to contact us. We will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

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