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18W PD Charger: Everything You Should Know About It

The USB power delivery charger has revolutionized the way we charge our devices. It is a convenient way that keeps our gadgets powered up throughout the day. The 18W PD charger is one of the most popular and universal charging standards out there. It helps in juicing up a wide range of devices in a short time period with the help of a USB connection. Want to know more about this technology? Keep reading then!

A Bit about the PD Technology

In the past, the USB chargers were available with quite limited charging capabilities that were unable to meet the needs of the users. For this reason, this technology was primarily used for data communication only.

But, things have changed now. With the recent advancement in technology, the USB charger such as an 18W PD charger is now capable of additional functions as well. This is what enables these devices to charge various devices such as laptops and smartphones.

The USB power delivery charger is a single charging standard that you can easily use with all USB devices. Before the introduction of this technology, every device that we used to charge with the USB had its own distinctive adapter. However, this is not the case now. You can use one universal USB PD charger for a wide range of devices.

USB PD is conveyed through a USB-C string/link outfitted with a few correspondence pins. These pins empower gadgets to decide the precise measure of force. It is then sent to the charging gadget. This, thusly, forestalls the cheating of the gadget. It likewise empowers the speedy exchange of capacity to the battery.

The string accompanies a reversible tip that fits in the gadget paying little heed to how you embed it. Not at all like the more established USB lines, it is fit for taking care of huge volumes of current and voltage. This is the reason it can accelerate charging.

As USB PD is a general USB charger, you don't have to have various chargers for various gadgets. This dispenses with the requirement for another charger each time you purchase another gadget, which thus, makes charging various gadgets helpful as well as practical and mess-free.

The Compatibility of 18W PD Charger

Something imperative to remember here is that the 18W PD charger is only compatible with USB-C charging connectors. These connectors go about as an actual association in empowering the PD between your gadget and the charger.

Actually like PD, USB-C is a standard link that will make your tech life more smoothed out and simpler. The extraordinary thing about the link is that it has a reversible connector. Hence, you won't need to stress over pondering what direction is right.

The USB-C link is the fate of gadgets. As an ever-increasing number of gadgets will take on a brought-together connector, the need to get another link or to pack an extra link for various gadgets will decrease. That is the reason they need to purchase a charger that upholds a USB-C charging more will be more than any time in recent memory these days.

Benefits of Using Our 18W PD Charger

Finding it difficult to decide between switching to our 18W PD charger? Well, you do not need to worry anymore as we have compiled some major benefits of using our charger. Let’s check them out below!

1.      Fast Charging

One of the major advantages of using our 18W PD charger is that it allows you to charge your devices at a faster rate as compared to the other traditional chargers out there. Thus, you will not have to sacrifice the safety of your gadget to get fast charging.

Thanks to the integrated technology used in the chargers, you can easily tailor the current and the voltage according to the requirements of your device. Not only this, but you will also be able to take advantage of the protective measures that the charger offers.

The safety feature extends even when you are charging two devices simultaneously. Thus, your entire family will be safe when they are charging their equipment.

2.      Simultaneous Charging of More than One Device

Another exceptional thing about the 18W PD charger is that it offers simultaneous charging of more than one device to the users. Thus, you can easily charge more than one contraption at the same time. Additionally, these chargers will moreover engage the customers to charge their devices that require high power. That is because they offer IC advancement. The development enables customers to charge their PDAs at the most outrageous speed. In this way, you will not have to worry about your device getting hurt due to over or undercharging.

3.      Safe to Use

If safety is one of your major concerns while buying a charger, then you are in for a treat. That’s because the PD chargers are extremely safe to use. You will find very few over or under-heating problems with these devices. As a result, you can use your smartphones on charge for a longer period without the fear of getting damaged.

4.      Suitable for Traveling

Another major benefit of an 18W PD charger is that it is incredibly slim and compact. This is what makes these devices suitable for traveling. Whether you are traveling in a vehicle or you are in some remote location, these chargers will prove to be extremely handy.

Thus, it will not be wrong to say that you can entirely revolutionize the way that you charge your devices. They are not only compact but extremely fast as well. Due to the silicone used in the chargers, the charging devices become surprisingly faster as compared to the other traditional chargers. Not only this, but you can also fit more power into less space with them.

18W PD charger

Final Words

So, if you are looking for a quality charger for your gadgets, we would hands down recommend the 18W PD charger. That’s because it does not only offer fast charging to the users but is extremely safe to use as well. What more do you want? Need more information? Contact us now!


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