Public Charging Station to the Rescue

A Public Charging Station

Imagine running out of the charge when you are out and you don’t even have the access to the charger. Scary, right? Sometimes, these might be the times that you need your phone the most. So, what to do in such a situation? How to charge your phone? That’s when a public charging station can come to your rescue.

Thus, there are a lot of benefits to these charging stations. Want to know more about them? Keep reading then! You will find everything you need to know below.

How to Find a Public Charging Station?

A public charging station is great but only if you can find it. There are many stations out there that offer a secure and free way of cell phone charging. They have their locations listed on their website as well. All you need to do is enter your zip code on the internet and locate the nearest station around.

Some charging stations also use a locker format that allows the users to plug their phone into an individual slot, lock it, and then leave the phone to charge. We understand that the mere idea of leaving your mobile phone unattended is scary. However, the good news is that the charging lockers are extremely secure. So, you do not need to worry!

If you live in a mobile-friendly city such as New York, there is a high chance that there might be many stations available there. A very common example of charging stations in New York is Links.

These Links are just like converted payphones that provide free public Wi-Fi and charging services to the users. So, even when you are sightseeing, you can stop on the sidewalk to charge the phone for a bit.

You might also be able to find these charging stations in malls, airports, restaurants, and cinemas as well. However, you need to keep in mind that all of these stations do not use the locker format. So, you will have to wait nearby for your phone to charge. But, as long as the charger is compatible with your phone, you can easily power it up and get back to your busy routine.

The Many Benefits of a Public Charging Station

Installing and using a public charging station offers many benefits to both the businesses and uses. Want to know some of them? Keep reading then!

1.      Helps Future Proof Your Business

Nowadays, there is government pressure on businesses to make environmentally sound choices. This requirement will become more intense in the next decade. Even for the businesses where the transport depends upon the employees’ personal choice, there could be financial advantages for opting for a greener station.

So, if you want to establish a competitive advantage over other businesses and enjoy the significant expansion of your business in the near future, installing charging points is a future-proof move for your business.

2.      Tenant Attraction and Retention

When you install a charging station on your property, it is a direct way to retain and attract tenants. Thus, it will not be wrong to say that hosting a public station is a highly visible way to make your property or building prominently.

Not only this, but it also increases the environmental value of your property. That’s because when there is a public station at the property, it will contribute to its green image. As a result, it will attract tenants and customers that share the same value. When you’ll offer these services free of charge like many companies do, you will add a dynamic to the corporate branding of your business.

3.      User Charging and Parking Fees

When you are a host of a public charging station, you will have the opportunity to generate revenues directly from the public that uses these station services. Even though the re-selling of the electricity at a higher rate is prohibited in some areas, the owners can still collect revenue from the public through the services of charging through pay for parking.

The use of these types of systems is quite straightforward. All you need to do is install an advanced EV charging station to benefit from it. However, what you need to remember is that a lot of organizations these days are now opting out of charging for the station and providing a free-of-cost service instead.

4.      Employee Attraction and Retention

The properties such as buildings or companies that offer charging stations to the users can attract and retain employees that want to charge their phones during the day.

In addition to this, it might be extremely important to the employees that drive EVs. So, if you also want the best for your business, make sure that your building is proactive with a public charging port and wait for the magic to happen!

5.      Value of Avoided Carbon Emissions

The number of regional and local carbon-reduction policies is increasing with each passing day. So, if you also want to benefit from the value of carbon emissions, all you need to do is install a carbon emission offset at the public charging station.

There is also a program that supports the popularity of the charging station's infrastructure. This program introduced new incentives for the installation and purchase of public charging stations.

6.      Promotes Destination Charging

If you own a business that can hugely benefit from an increase in footfall, the presence of charging points will significantly contribute to the success of your business.

That’s because the mobile phone owners that do not have a charger are always on the lookout for convenient locations to charge their phones. As a result, you can turn visitors into customers.

Final Words

In short, a public charging station offers many different advantages to both the users and the businesses. The users can find a place to charge their phones even when they do not have a charger with them.

On the other hand, the businesses can turn a visitor into a customer. So, if you also want your business to succeed, install one now! Need more information? Contact us now and we will be happy to assist you.

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